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By Alaska Eagle Arts

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From Alaska Eagle Arts,
Ketchikan, AK



A great addition to any water bottle or sticker collection, enjoy this sticker by Ketchikan artist, Marvin Oliver, depicting the Northwest Coast design of the salmon egg, the beginning of the life cycle for Pacific salmon who come to Alaska to spawn in our rivers and streams. 



About Marvin E. Oliver (1946-2019)


Marvin Oliver is one of the Northwest Coast’s foremost contemporary Native American (Quinault/Isleta-Pueblo) sculptors and printmakers, who have made strides in the art world for the development and recognition of Native American Contemporary Fine Art.  "My works are formulated by merging the spirit of past traditions with those of the present… to create new horizons for the future”

Oliver’s career spanned over 45 years, working in a wide range of media, including carvings and sculpture, printmaking, blown glass art, and large-scale public artwork installations.  He became renowned for the grand size of his sculptures such as the 26 foot long suspended steel and glass piece ‘Mystical Journey’ at the Seattle Children’s hospital. Oliver’s monumental public works have been installed throughout the state of Washington and the United States, Canada, Japan, and Italy.