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Thank you for your interest in Voyij! Here you can find photos and copy that will help you share our story. For more info about working with us or for press inquiries, please send Olivia a note at [email protected]

About Us

Our mission is to connect travelers with local experiences on cruise vacations. These are vetted, hand-picked experiences created by locals.

As second-generation Alaskan travel professionals, founders Olivia and Gregory Klupar are bringing the best of authentic, locally curated Alaskan experiences to visitors.

With intimate knowledge of Alaska's travel industry and education and background in tech and business, Olivia and Greg merge hi-tech with insider travel stories. The result: the first digital platform for Alaskan businesses that shares local story-telling with the power to book activities and shop online.

By spotlighting local businesses in Southeast Alaska, in a robust multi-platform offering, Voyij supports local entrepreneurs and promotes the local economy. Currently, Voyij works with 50 businesses in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway, to promote and sell hundreds of tour, eating, and shopping items, and is expanding to other Alaskan markets and international destinations.

In our spare time you can find Greg cracking codes and Olivia hiking uncharted territory.

Olivia Klupar presenting Voyij at a DukeGEN event in San Francisco

Hiking Goat Lake near Skagway, Alaska


Voyij is a valuable resource to the business community and Alaskan travelers


"Olivia, I just wanted to thank you for referring these clients to us. Really appreciate it." 
— Lesley Kamm, SeaWind Aviation, Ketchikan tour business



"I have been waiting 9 years since I saw these in the Ketchikan store. I’m so excited to finally buy them." 
— Sarah Mullins, Alaskan traveler


"Thanks for your wonderful assistance in getting the ring style identified and getting it ordered.We missed the delivery on Saturday, but I picked the package up from our post office this morning. I am so pleased to have been able to replace my wedding ring and I appreciate all your help. It is so beautiful and I have it on my hand. I am so happy!"

— Deb Dobransky, Alaskan traveler

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