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Our Mission

Voyij is an online marketplace that helps travelers buy products from local businesses on vacation. With Voyij you can book local tours and excursions and shop online from local stores.

Our mission is to help vacationers plan and book the best trip, focusing on connecting travelers to local, trusted owners offering quality experiences.

Our Story

Discover Local Alaska

voy·age \ ˈvȯi-ij , ˈvȯ(-)ij \


  • : a long journey involving travel by sea
  • : a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place
  • : an account of a journey especially by sea

Voyij is the online destination for quality, local gifts and experiences from Alaska, an insider’s view to the best of Alaska and with the power to book now – including from small businesses who offer personal and unique experiences you just can’t find anywhere else.

Founded in Alaska in 2014 by brother and sister team Greg and Olivia Klupar, and representing 100+ businesses in 10 markets across Alaska (and growing internationally) Voyij is the first and only e-commerce tour and retail booking and sales platform for the travel industry.

With a lifetime of experience in Alaska and travel and a core team with experience at Duke University, MBA, Microsoft, Citigroup, Bain & Company, Time Inc., AMEX Publishing, AARP, Zillow, .406 Ventures, and Duke Angel Network, Voyij is a pioneer in the travel technology space and an acclaimed resource for the travel community.

We look forward to seeing you in Alaska soon!

Why Shop with Voyij?


Alaska’s largest selection of locally-sourced gifts and activities available from businesses in our community


The only travel platform to source local products from your favorite small businesses in Alaska travel towns


An exclusive, curated collection of Alaska’s finest gifts, rare collectibles, fresh seafood, and must-book activities you’ll find anywhere


Only representing authentic, quality, businesses with a commitment to excellence and a passion for sharing the joy of Alaska with others

Browse Authentic Gifts And Souvenirs From All Over Alaska.


View Voyij's Blog & Read About Our Alaskan Partners.


The Voyij Team

Olivia Klupar
Co-Founder & CEO
Greg Klupar
Co-Founder & CTO

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