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By Rain Barrel

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From Rain Barrel, LLC,
Ketchikan, AK



The lovebirds story is one of the greatest stories of the Northwest Coast Native groups. Children are raised taking their mother's name and primary clan of either Raven or Eagle. During marriage, only Ravens can marry Eagles or Eagles, Ravens. The symbol of the lovebirds includes the intertwined  Raven and Eagle bonded together in love and tradition.
She lives in the mountains. He lives by the sea. It was fate that brought them together. As it was told in Alaskan lore. That opposite fascination keeps them looking over their branches to see if the other one is there.

Raven swoops at Eagle in flight. Eagle searches Raven's beaches hoping to find the gifts he left for her.

And so it goes to this day. That is the Alaskan Native custom, The Eagle is to marry the Raven uniting Heaven and Earth.
Hand carved from yellow cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska by Alaska Black Diamond this totem is authentic; a great symbol of Alaska Northwest Coast native tradition.

Each totem includes a story card describing the totem's significance and meaning.
This pole measures 12" tall.

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